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Bhogi is a festival celebrated on the eve of Pongal. Bogi festival is celebrated to rid the society of the bad and the evil. Bogi festival or Bhogi is the first day of Pongal celebrated in honor of Lord Indra.

Bhogi 2010 Festival

What People Do on this Day??

People clean up and wash their houses.
Collect old clothes and unused stuff and burn them.
The entire house is cleaned and the houses are painted white (usually with lime). All the farm animals are given a big and clean bath.
They are decorated with colored powders and paints.
All the junk materials in the houses are either burnt or thrown away.

So its virtually a fresh beginning.

Bhogi Sthbagam
Happy Bhogi

Happy Bhogi bagyalu Sankranti
sapadulu kanuma kanuvedu kavalani

Bhogi Subha kankshalu

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