AIEEE 2008 results  

As the news goes 7th june is probably the date for the declaration of AIEEE 2008 results.

Around 6,00,000 has appeared in this exam.

There are 12000 seats.

It seems around 55000-60000 students would be called for counselling in lots.

I wish you all success in getting good ranks.

You can see the results in

and this is counselling site

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IIT JEE 2008 Results out  

IIT JEE 2008 Results are declared !

check your IIT JEE 2008 Results here

Or here

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What would be the price of petrol per litre after the present hike?  

There is a poll here in my blog. Cast your vote and see what others have voted.
The issue is "What would be the price of petrol per litre after the present hike"

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Petrol price in India  

Photo Credit Futureatlas

A few weeks back I have recived a note from my friend on petrol price in India and I have posted it here in my Blog.

Since then, petrol price has become a hot issue after the recent crude price of 135$/barrel.

India is really concerned about crude price.

This is more visible when I saw the visitors reaching my blog site throgh a common keyword- petrol price in India. They are mainly from USA. May be they are Indians and have genuine interest in petrol price in India.

We are living in India and are really disturbed the way crude prices going up.

I am unhappy that the government is letting the oil marketing companies to incurr huge losses. And there is no chance of a hike to paartly cover their loss.

Yesterday I watched a program on CNN IBN where there was a poll-

Doyou think we should pay market price for petrol?

In the begining of the poll there was neck to neck fight with people against the motion out numbering those who are ready to pay market price.
. At the end 52 % people said they are ready to pay market price against 48% who are not ready yet.

In the interview 3 persons were present- CPMMP Dipankar Mukherjee, and 2 gentleman from NGO's.

The points emerged are like this

1. Remove subsidy on petrol, diesel, LPG except kerosene
2. Hike partially to off-set PSU losses
3. Lower taxes partially
4. Take a decision.

The last point is important-this being election year, will the govt take any unpopular decision?

But not taking a decision will cost the country more. The immidiate vicims are oil marketting companies.
What do you say?

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Government of India has an online Grievance portal  

Government of India has an online Grievance portal

Can you imagine this is happening in INDIA?

The govt. wants people to use this tool to highlight the problems they faced while dealing with Government officials or departments like Passport Office, Electricity board, BSNL/MTNL, Railways etc.

I know many people will say that these things don't work in India, but this actually works as one of my friends friend found. The guy I'm talking about lives in Faridabad. Couple of months back, the Faridabad Municipal Corporation laid new roads in his area and the residents were very happy about it. But 2 weeks later, BSNL dug up the newly laid roads to install new cables which annoyed all the residents including this guy. But it was only this guy! Who used the above listed grievance forum to highlight his concern. And to his surprise, BSNL and Municipal Corporation of Faridabad were served a show cause notice and the guy received a copy of the notice in one week. Government has asked the MC and BSNL about the goof up as it's clear that both the government departments were not in sync at all.

So use this grievance forum and educate others who don't know about this facility. This way we can at least raise our concerns instead of just talking about the ' System ' in India.

Invite your friends to contribute for many such happenings.


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What is your Emotional Quotient? Find out here -

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Re: test  


Download prohibited? No problem. CHAT from any browser, without download. Go to

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Phishing emails  

I have made a post on phishing emails in my blog at
Visit the blog to know how to recognize phishing emails.

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Sterling Tree magnum and investors!  

I have purchased teak woods from Sterling way back in 1994.

Today in 2008 I get an offer

1. get the same amount, no interest , no dividend nothing
2. Give your consent to wait for another 15 years so that the teak trees will grow and I will get my money.

In 1994 it was large amount of money. Not only me, I convinced my wife to invest.

What a fanfare then- full page advertisements came in all national newspapers- it was a dream investment- teakquity- you retire in peace, you get so and so and so.
You get interim dividends as well. Well dressed sales boys came to convince us-we are fools we don't know what we are missing. Its an one time opportunity. Buy teak. Buy buy buy.

Then years passed....

No news, nothing happened.

The same company flourishing its business in other fields , selling time share - no body complained. No regulatory body came in rescue of hapless investors.

I lost all hope. Even now.

Just today received a letter to give options. I mentioned the options on top of this post.

I decided to reject.

Why after 15 long years I get only my money back?

What value this money has today? Why they can not sell their lands, business everything and repay us our money with full interest. Why why why?

I feel pity for those gullible investors who have invested lakhs of Rupees.
How come this company is getting away by paying peanuts? How ? Who will answer that?

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