Wanted 8000 Indian Language Translators  

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Do you know Hindi? Or Bengali? or for that matter any other Indian languages?
Here is a news for you. If you can translate well you can earn MONEY.

Have you heard the recent news on Translation mission?

This is a recent report from Hindu. http://www.hindu.com/2008/06/26/stories/2008062657750100.htm

MYSORE: The National Translation Mission has got the approval of the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development, and Mysore-based Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL), chief facilitator of the translation exercise involving 22 Indian languages, has launched the mission.

The Union Government has released Rs. 99 crore under the 11th Plan for carrying out activities such as promotion of good-quality translation of knowledge-based texts into all eighth Schedule languages; generation of high-quality translation tools such as dictionaries and software; translator education; information dissemination; development of scientific and technical terminology in all 22 languages in the eighth schedule; and promotion of machine translation and machine-aided translation.

CIIL Director Udainarayan Singh said at a press conference here on Wednesday that the States; the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology; the National Council for Educational Research and Training; the National Book Trust; the University Grants Commission; the Sahitya Akademi; the Granth Akademies; and public library networks would be involved in the exercise.

Several institutions and publications had been roped in as the scale of the project was huge and the CIIL alone would not be able to complete the task, he added.

To begin with, 8,000 translators, 2,000 evaluators and an equal number of copy editors would be required, he said, and added that the project would create opportunities for people to work from home.

Plan period

“We shall soon invite translators and others for the work since we have just three-and-a-half years left in the 11th Plan to complete the targeted tasks,” he said.

“In this Plan period, we are hoping to complete translation of 2,500 books. Our target is 8,800 books by the next Five Year Plan,” Mr. Singh added.

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You can book your iPhone in India now  

You can book your iPhone in India now

Vodafone started to accept pre-registration for iPhones.
Besides Vodafone you can also buy it from Airtel.

This is a new model of iPhone, which supports faster 3G wireless networks in 8 and 16GiB
It combines three products in one-a revolutionary phone,
1. iPod,
2. Internet device with rich HTML email and full web browsing send text
3. phone

Click here to register http://www.vodafone.in/existingusers/iphone/pages/book-iPhone.aspx

Or SMS "IPHONE" to 56789.

You can also register with Airtel.

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A good web source for hindi and other Indian language video and songs  

I wanted to find a site where I can listen to songs and if possible to download them.
After days of search I found a site where there is a hughe collection of songs, video clips, documents in doc, pdf formats, jpg figures, so many.
I wanted to listen to Bangla palligiti and Russian song and to my surprise, they are there.

You can listen on the net for free.
There is a provision for downloading but please check copyright rules before you download.
Even otherwise it is a great site where you can hundreds of songs. What is more you can upload your songs and video too.
So enjoy! And let us know any other site you come across for the benefit of blog readers.
The site is esnips
If you dont see the link just copy paste the url in your adderss bar http://www.esnips.com/

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West Bengal JEE Results  

The results of JEE, is declared today. It can be accessed through the following websites

Visit this page for more news.

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Apple iphone in India  

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Apple 3G iphone was unveiled at the Worldwide Developers Conference at San Francisco yesterday.

What is its speciality- For the first time iPhone will officially let third party applications run on it. The earlier iPhone had only the programmes that came on the phone.

Where you can buy it in India?



How much it will cost in India?
The Indian price is not known yet but it is sold at 199$ in USA.

How it looks?
The photo is given above.

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