7 easy steps for efiling income tax returns  

  1. Choose the e-filing package. (Depends on the ITR and the services you want, such as expert review.)
  2. Register by creating a user ID.
  3. Follow the steps by keying in the required information. (The portal will prompt you on where to get the information.)
  4. A) Review return, pay charges and click on e-file. Or, save return offline and upload on the IT Dept. Website. B) Add digital signature. (If you have a digital signature, make sure the portal has the facility of uploading it.)
  5. A) Take a printout of the ITR-V and fill the details (if you have used the IT Dept. Website). Make sure that you sign the ITR-V. B) Take a printout of the ITR-V with the digital signature. Your return has been submitted.
  6. Post the ITR-V to the following address: IT Department, CPC, Post Box No-1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru-560100, Karnataka.
  7. Make sure that you get an acknowledgement of the return from the IT office after sending the ITR-V. This, and not the ITR-V, proves that your return has been submitted successfully.

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