Ayurveda and Swine Flu - Ayurvedic Treatment For Swine Flu by Nilgiri oil and others  

Since there is much ballyhoo about swine flu worldwide, swine flu and Ayurveda has also become a buzz word among health care providers and their patients. Ayurveda and swine flu is becoming one of the most sought after topics since Ayurveda is known for its effectiveness against stubborn diseases. However, an Ayurvedic approach to swine flu is not described in Ayurvedic texts directly; one can surely find some signs and symptoms of swine flu.
You can find s-flu treatment in Ayurveda that helps in relieving the fever, sore throat, body ache, malaise, chills, debility and a typical flu like symptoms. Ayurveda describes flu as the result of reduced immunity that is further weakened due to microorganisms' attack. Ayurvedic treatment for spine flu includes the herbal medicines that help in boosting the immunity while enlightening the digestive fire.
In Ayurveda, health ailments like swine flu are because of weakened immunity that the body cannot withstand against the attack of disease causing germs. Ayurveda, as always, believes in strengthening the body systems that fight and win the battle against H1N1 Virus. This is done by prescribing various digestive fire strengthening herbs such as Guduchi (licorice), Tulasi (Holy Basil), Sahadevi, Neem (Indian Margosa Tree), Shunthi (ginger), Pippali (pepper) etc. Once the digestive fire is corrected, medicines such as Triphala, Rasna, Eranda, Guggulu can be prescribed to relieve the symptoms.
The whole body is to be cleansed and that is why, a person should be on a very light diet. The lukewarm water is to be supplied to keep digestive fire alive. Junk, canned, packed food is to be avoided strictly. Ayurveda for s-flu describes adding spices such as cumin seeds, asafetida, turmeric, coriander etc that help in boosting the digestion and also helps in cleansing the intestines -making them free of toxic material. Elderberry extract, Echinacea extract and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is likely to give good and satisfactory results.
In case of stuffy nose, the oil of eucalyptus (nilgiri in Ayurveda) is believed to be benefiting. One can have the steam of this oil (by putting a few drops into lukewarm water and then inhaling the steam). This helps in clearing the nasal track and keeps the respiratory tract healthier. Body massage may help but is contraindicated in fever. Taking rest and giving body enough time to fight the microorganisms is a key factor to get faster recovery.
Dr. Maulik is an Ayurvedic Physician with Diploma in Healthcare Management and also Certified in Food and Nutrition. Dr. Maulik is also a freelancer and online consultant for Ayurveda and other alternative medicinal therapies. He is also spreading Ayurvedic Knowledge through his Beta website - http://www.ayurvedadosha.com, which is one stop place for ayurveda information and solution.

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