Ophiuchus in the new Zodiac sign of 2011  

2011 is going to mess with our Indian astrologers mind as a new zodiac sign has entered the zodaic family after 3,000 years. Zodiac Family has been rearranged, chances are that your old horoscope may not be no longer valid or might even changed.

images1 Ophiuchus in the new Zodiac sign of 2011

If you were a Sagittarius when you got up today, you are now an Ophiuchus (new zodiac sign). The axis of the Earth changes as it vibrates, and thousands of years after the signs of the stars were first determined, they’re no longer aligned, mostly because the North Star is pointing in a different direction. Now a new sign Ophiuchus has entered into the Zodiac list. The new sign, Ophiucus, will fall between Scorpio and Sagittarius.

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