Cut in Petrol , Diesel, LPG, Petrol price in India  

Petrol prices in india--

In two months period Government of India has cut again the petrol prices and the present price is Rs 44.66ps. per litre in Chennai.

The previous price in Chennai.was Rs 49.66. Thanks to the Government of India for having considered a long time request from various section of people of India.

Again the prices of diesel and cooking gas have also been cut and the expectations of the general public and housewives have been fully met.

Government has slashed the price of petrol by Rs. 5 per litre, diesel by Rs. 2 a litre and LPG by Rs. 25 per 14.2 kg cylinder from 28th January 2009, Wednesday midnight.

Fuel Price in Metro Cities (Price in Litres)
PETROL Place Old price New Price Delhi 45.62 40.62 Kolkata 47.16 44.05 Mumbai 49.80 44.55 Chennai 49.66 44.24

DIESEL Place Old price in Rs/L New Price in Rs/L Delhi 32.86 30.86
Kolkata 33.92 33.21
Mumbai 36.69 34.45
Chennai 34.98 32.82

LPG Place Old price in Rs/L New Price in Rs/L Delhi 304.70 279.70
Kolkata 352.05 327.05
Mumbai 349.50 312.05
Chennai 339.60 314.55

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