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13 Things you wanted to know about HSc exams.

1. The higher secondary certificate (HSC, Std XII) and secondary school certificate (SSC, Std X) examinations will be conducted from February 26
and March 5, respectively, by the Maharashtra state board for secondary and higher secondary education.

2. The HSC practicals, orals and grade exams will be conducted from February 6 to 24

3. The written examinations will commence on February 26 and end on March 21.

4. The SSC practicals, orals and grade exams will be conducted during February 12 to 28.

5.The written exam will be held from March 5 to 23.

6. The exams will be conducted by the Pune, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Mumbai, Kolhapur, Amravati, Nashik and Latur divisional boards.

7.Exam for minimum competency-based vocational course (MCVC) of the HSC will be as per the new syllabus. Students of the old syllabus, who have not cleared the exam and are repeating it, will have the last chance to clear the old course in March 2009.

8.Exams of the old and new course of MCVC will be conducted during the same period and time but separate time tables will be released as names of some subjects have been changed in the new course.

9.The Marathi paper for the SSC exam for regulars and repeaters will be based on the newly released textbook 'Kumar Bharati va Vachanpaath'. The multiple question paper system will be followed for English third language and Maths for the SSC exam and for English of the HSC exam. However, the difference in the multiple question papers will be roughly 30 per cent in the textbook based questions only, the statement said.

10. Students who are repeating the SSC exam as per the old syllabus will get 100 mark question papers for science and social science. However, in the old syllabus these subjects had question papers of 150 marks. So the marks obtained by repeaters in the March 2009 exam will be converted accordingly so that the grand total of all subjects remained 750 as per the old course.

11.The SSC and HSC students will get marks out of 40 for projects done under environment education subject, while the written test of the subject will carry 60 marks. Students have to secure minimum 14 marks for the project and 21 marks in the written test to clear the subject.

12.Visually impaired, speech/hearing impaired and spastic students will give the SSC exam for home science and physical science subjects as per the new curricular.

13.Students will have to secure minimum grand total of 105 marks in all the three languages in the SSC exam to clear the subjects. However, if a student fails in one language but secures minimum 25 per cent marks in the language he will be given concession in passing marks, only once, provided he/she has appeared for exams of all three languages.

Detailed time table of the exams will be announced later.


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