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What is the hottest thing in the world? It’s not about Paris Hilton or any other celebrity, Its about a chilli which can burn your stomach. Bhut jolokia is hottest chili(According to Guinness Book of World Records) in the world grown in Assam, India. Matured Bhut(Meaning ghost) Jolokia is about 2.5 to 3.5 inch long and 1 inch wide with bright red or orange color.
Bhut jolokia
In Northeast Region tribes can easily eat that pepper and use it for stomach ailments. They also use if for smoke bomb to keep wild elephant away from their farm.
In 2009 Defence Research and Development Organization india plans to use it in Hand Grenades. Smoke comes out from This grenade will force hidden terrorist to come out or riotous peoples to go home. This would be less lethal and more humanity action against them instead other steps.
Scientists at DRDO(Defence Research and Development Organization) In assam, are working on prototype and trial run with this Hand Granade. Scientist also hope it as weapon for women, It can help to keep away rapist and Road side Romeo. Another Perspective of this chilli is, it can be used for military foods to keep them warm in Heavy cold and bad weather conditions. Chilies powder can be rubbed around farm fencing and army barracks to keep away unauthorized entry.
otness of the chili is measured in Scoville heat units. bhut jolokia is having 1,001,304, while Mexico’s red savina is having 577,000 units and average jalapeno Pepper have 10,000 units. So It is 100 times hotter than jalapeno Pepper.
In other parts of the world scientist also trying to Create natural pesticide using some hot chilies. It can keep away Some fungi and seed eating insects. If you will ever be in Assam, you can Purchase it for 300Rs(6-7USD) per Kg.
There is also such people in the world who can easily eat such Chili. Anandita Dutta from Assam(Same region) who ate 51 Ghost chilli to claim a place in world record book.

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