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GODREJ’s Social Networking Site “GOJIYO.com” Launched
The Godrej has launched a social networking site. Godrej is a prominient business leader in India with lots of products in the market ranging from soaps, refrigirator and various other products. Since the laucnch of Gojiyo.com 13,000 thousand peoples have joined it with in 13 hours.
From the number of registration it has received it can not be said that Gojiyo has attracted a large number of people given the Brand name of GODREJ in India. This numer of 13000 figure in 13 hours is not a big number to boast of the Gojiyo.com super launch.
The features of Gojiyo will decide as how much market it is going to capture. There are already lots of social networking sites with millions of users with Orkut being on top of the world. Now the capability of social networking site with new and easy to use interface only will determine the number of users the social networking site is likely to have.
The Gojiyo.com seems to be slow site, even though the people may not agree with me on account of heavy traffic on the Gojiyo.com on its launch but the fact is the website of slow and this is not a good feature in my view.
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