How to identify a spam mail?  

There are very simple ways to identify a spam mail.

The first advice is do not, do not reply to a spam mail .

The spammers keep many footprints and give aways to identify them.

Here is a mail I got in my inbox today..

Read below the mail. And then my analysis of the mail.

Start of the spam mail

Good Day,
Sunday, 1 March, 2009 8:41 AM
"usman mallam"

Good Day,We wish to inform you that we received notification last week from the Security and Deposit Companies Association regarding the deposit made by your deceased relative since the past Four years ago before his death.We have waited for a claim application on this deposit all these while but all to no avail, then I decided to contact you and inform you of this development. Our Country constitution stipulates that any deposit without claims for Five years will be considered abandoned and moved to the Reserve as unclaimed under the Security Deposit Law.I am letting you know this because I was very close with your deceased relative who made this deposit and I am aware that it's value according to our record is US$6.2 Million Dollars. It's content is classified as private family belongings. This is a futune I know you can not allow to be confiscated.I will try to find out more if you permit me and hope for a good reward for this information and making sure you get your inheritance deposit instead of allowing it go to the Reserve where I will not benefit from. Be also informed that you have full right for the claim as a relative under our country constitution.Keep my contact with you private as I will face serious penalty under our company rules and regulation.Meanwhile, get back to me urgently on this my private email address: ( before it is too late to apply for the claim.I will give you my telephone number when I hear from you.Waiting for your reply through this e-mail: mallamusman2009@yahoo.comThank you,Mr.Mallam UsmanPrinciple Officer.
End of spam mails.

My observations.
1. The mail is sent from an id which is Checoslovakia based site but the name sugegsts that he is not from that country. Usman is a muslim name.

2. The mail starts with a good day to me but it is sent to multiple recipients. He even does not know my name but tells me that my relative has left money for me.

3. The spammer wants that I reply to not the mail id he has sent the mailfrom but to a different mail id , in this case This is suspicious because he is using the CZ mail id for sending spam mails to thousands and thousands of people and the working mail id is yahoo id which he will use for getting money from me and then close it and vanish.

Now the question is how this people assume that people will fall in their trap. The point is these spammers send spam mails to thousand and if 1% people response and 0.01% people fall prey to their methods they will earn money .
SO my suggestion is never ever reply to spammers. Identify the sender before you reply, if you have to.

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