Reliance NetConnect Broadband too good to be true  

The Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ Evdo (3G) is surely a blessing for those looking for a high speed internet service on the go!

Great features of Reliance NetConnect Broadband

Features of Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ include:

Wireless Broadband for Laptops & Desktops
20 times faster with speed upto 3.1 Mpbs
Simply Plug & Play
Fastest uploads at a speed upto 1.8Mbps
Seamless network across 20,000 towns and 4.5 lac villages
The wireless coverage area of the Reliance NetConnect Broadband+ card includes 35 cities across India. Apart from that they promise to offer you 3100 kbps downlink speed and 1800kbps uplink speed, which means Reliance Broadband+ Evdo offers you 3.1Mbps download speed.
The coverage area in the 35 cities is just excellent almost every location in each city is covered.

This network coverage information for Reliance Evdo Card can be downloaded from here.

As promotional offer Reliance NetConnect are offering Wireless Broadband FREE as a promotional offer.

You pay Rs.3500/- to get USB Modem and along with that you get unlimited broadband access for 2month worth Rs.3500/- FREE!


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