Ganesh : Review  

Ganesh Movie Review.

Ganesh is a love story film. Ram is playing the role of Ganesh and Kajal is in the role of Divia. A close friend of Ganesh gets in the problem. His father wants him to get married to his niece. Ganesh wants to help his friend, who love another girl and could not tell his father. He plans to make Divya fall in love with him, so his friend would be happily marrying his love. He comes up with series of dramas to please numerous kids living in the Divya’s apartment. He lives in the flat adjacent to Divya’s and work hard to get her attention. Divya fall in love with Ganyesh. Immediately Divya distant herself from Ganyesh, when she realizes that Ganesh has been fooling her. The rest of the story is how Divya reacts on Ganesh tries, to convince her that he really love her.
Director Sarvanan uses the children as a comic touch. He desires for new comic invention through children. Two kids fall at Lord Ganesh’s idols and seeking helps, when Ashish Vidyarthi and his men, manhandles old, young and kids. Before the kids get up from the prayers Ganesh lands there and gets into action. He makes all things right.
You will experience silly, senseless and insufferable romance in the film but Kajal make it look real when she expresses to Ganesh, how she would like to give him her first kiss.
The film does not have any great songs. Technical aspect of the film is just okay. First half of the film is decent and entertaining but second half is not so good. This is a family film.
indianachu - 07

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