India's 'principled' stand on CTBT won't change : SM KRISHNA  

External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on Friday said that India's "principled" stand on CTBT is not likely to change unless a number of other "developments" take place to address its concerns.
During a high level conference on disarmament addressed by UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, India and eight other countries were asked to ratify the agreement so that it comes into force.
"We have taken a principled stand and so the question of India revisiting it depends on a number of other developments that would address our concerns," Krishna said.
Earlier, Moon had said: "The CTBT is a fundamental building block for a world free of nuclear weapons".
"By establishing a global norm against testing, the CTBT has made a significant contribution to the world community's efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons and to promote nuclear disarmament."
from the pages of Yahoo news
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