world heart day 2009  

World Heart Day observed today
If you want to save your heart from getting damaged, better start eliminating the risk factors early. Ignoring them might convert them intro chronic heart disease (CHD) that may be difficult to treat in the latter part of your life. They may even paralyse your normal routine activities. 

This statutory warning and precautionary note has come from senior cardiologists in the region on the eve of World Heart Day (falling on Sunday) this year.

While the health experts have advocated the need for better heart care starting from childhood, life style factors, including dietary habits, are emerging as serious factors affecting the functioning of the blood pumping organ in the body.

According to Prof PK Gupta of department of cardiology, Banaras Hindu University, the dietary habits are becoming important indicator for determining the functioning of one of the most important organs in the body. Apart from genetic factors (hereditary traits), the heart diseases are fast becoming life style diseases affecting people belonging to different age groups, he adds.

As the recent reports of out-patient department (OPD) in Cardiology, BHU indicate that over 150 patients with cardiac problems are being treated on daily basis, the disease also seems to have transcended the rural and urban divide, as a number of cases are being reported from rural areas also. 

Source : Times of India

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