Former Hockey Captain Pargat Singh slams Kalmadi  

Former captain Pargat Singh today launched a scathing attack on Suresh Kalmadi, calling him a "sports mafia" who is trying to become the Hockey India chief by hook or crook even though the IOA president rubbished the allegation.
Pargat, the Hockey Punjab secretary, also blasted Hockey India for deferring its February 7 election in the wake of a Rajasthan High Court order and alleged Kalmadi was "up to something sinister". He went to the extent of saying that the situation was better in the era of KPS Gill, who headed the erstwhile Indian Hockey Federation.
Kalmadi, on his part, rubbished the allegations, saying it was Pargat's "figment of imagination". "I'm not connected with Hockey India, I have the Commonwealth Games to look after and so I'm not getting into all those things," said Kalmadi.

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