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In an interview with, Professor Pankaj Gupta, Director Symbiosis Institute of Business Management-Bangalore (SIBM-B) explains how SIBM-B is not an offshore campus of SIBM-Pune but a management institute under the aegis of Symbiosis International University. He is rooting for prime placements for the first graduating batch of SIBM-B in 2010 which, according to him, will propel the institute to the circle of high-ranking institutes. Following is what he has to say about SIBM-B and his plans as a director.

Some time back, your website stated SIBM-B as the first off-shore campus of SIBM (Pune). However, according to AICTE norms, only Symbiosis International University or SIU can have an offshore campus anywhere in India. Was it a concious effort to ride on the popularity of SIBM-Pune?
First of all, I would like to make it clear that we are the first offshore campus of SIU in Bangalore. SIBM Pune and Bangalore are two different institutes under the same university that is, SIU. We are like the IIMs, though IIM A, B, C share the same name, they are individual institutes. In the same way, we share the same name but are different institutes. However, we do share very good relations with each other. We are not a younger brother of a big brother (SIBM-Pune) but an individual institute. SIU will be building many more SIBMs in the country, like the ones coming up in Hyderabad and Noida in a short while, hence the structure will be a number of SIBMs under SIU where all will be distinct institutes.
We are not riding on the popularity of SIBM as we have maintained our individuality. People are not ignorant and they will not confuse SIBM-Bangalore with SIBM-Pune. I agree that there might have been some confusion regarding the name during the start of the institute, however, today people are well informed and join an institute only after proper research.

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