Mahesh Gordhandas Garodia , Highest taxpayer , India , Mahesh Gordhandas Garodia highest taxpayer in India  

New Delhi: Businessman Mahesh Gordhandas Garodia has topped the most taxpayers list in the country.

Mahesh Gordhandas Garodia paid Rs 20 crore for the fiscal 2009. He has become most tax payer in the country.

Apart from this, cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has become the highest taxpayer among sportsperson category in the country. Sachin placed at 115th position in the list of top 500 most taxpayers category.

Sachin paid Rs 1.5 crore and was ahead of Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni in the list. Dhoni and Sehwag paid Rs one crore each as income tax for the fiscal 2009. Dhoni and Sehwag stood at 199th and 201 respectively.

IPL commissioner Lalit Modi was also in the list, He stood at 47th place with RS 3 crore tax deposit.

Aamir Khan and Akshay Kumar edged out Bollywood actors in this category.

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