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Mumbai Monorail Project takes off with a Test Drive of the Mumbai Monorail on 26th Jan 2010.
Mumbai’s first monorail test ride happened on 26th January 2010. The Test Drive of Mumbai’s Monorail was done in the presence of a number of technocrats, dignitaries and the chief minister. Malaysian born S Ponnadurai test ran the light blue rake of the monorail, which arrived in the city on January 13.
Engineers of Larsen & Toubro, along with experts from Scomi, and consultants from Louis Berger, were busy giving the 110-metre test run the final touches for the past few days. The ramp, near Aanik bus depot, stretches over 250 metres.

On 25th January, the barricaded Aanik road was full of motorists peeping out of their cars and taking pictures on their mobile phones of the first monorail, which began test runs late Monday evening. Once ready, the Mumbai Monorail 20-km track will have seven power substations. The Rs2,460-crore project will be completed by 2011.
Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Chavan flagged it off at Wadala, the 108-metre test run on the 60th Republic Day.
“It is engineering marvel, only of its kind in India for the use of common man. It is going to help the people of Mumbai to commute. Around three lakh (3,00,000) people are expected to use it on a daily basis. I think it is one of the best thing that has happened to Mumbai,” Chavan said.
The 19.4-kilometers proposed route between Jacob Circle and Chembur is expected to be completed by 2011.
Monorail network is expected to give a much-needed boost to the public transport system of Mumbai, which is the most populous city of the country with and approximate population of 14 million people.
It will be an important supplement to the local trains and other road transportations.

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