B-Vitamins Kick Depression: Study  

A new study has shown that people who have suffered a stroke and who regularly take vitamins are less likely to develop depression in their lifetime.
The study was undertaken by a group of researchers led by University of Western Australia.
The researchers said this was the first time they had been able to found a clear reason for the depressive symptoms after a stroke.
"Previous work had suggested that certain vitamins could have a role in preventing depression. However, we found that the stroke survivors who took daily folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12 were half as likely to become depressed,” a researcher said.
"This is an important finding, as depression is common in stroke survivors - one in three stroke sufferers is affected. We were hoping to find a way to prevent unnecessary suffering and the onset of depression,” they added.
"These results open access to a safe, effective and affordable way to manage their risk of depression after stroke," said lead researcher Professor Osvaldo Almeida.
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