Film Federation of India bans Javed Akhtar  

The film industry is known for being one big family. But after the copyright issue, in which famed lyricist Javed Akhtar lobbied in parliament for the rights of writers and singers, a visible crack has appeared in this façade of camaraderie.

The Film Federation of India , the mother body of all film associations, has "advised members of the film federation to not employ the services" of the iconic writer. The decision was taken yesterday morning in Chennai by its newly elected president, T.P. Agrawal.

When contacted Agrawal put it mildly, saying, "Yes, it is true. We have advised members of the film federation to ban Mr Javed Akhtar till the time that this entire copyrights issue is sorted. Our whole point is that the producer is the one who takes the entire risk.
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