India must overcome barriers to sustain double-digit growth: FM  

The government today exuded confidence that economic growth in the current and the next quarter will be as encouraging as 8.9 per cent recorded in the previous two quarters, but said India must tackle barriers to ensure double-digit level growth.
"It is expected the...two quarters would be as encouraging, if not better... we assume that we will be able to reach 8.5-8.7 per cent of GDP growth this year and perhaps next year will be able to reach a higher level," Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said at the annual general meeting of the PHD Chamber.
"It (double digit growth) must be on a sustainable basis and for that we shall have to ensure that the challenges that we are facing today, one on the price front, another on fiscal consolidation and third certain developments which are taking place (internationally)," he said.

However, the country will have to tackle host of national and international problems to register double-digit growth on a sustainable basis, he said.
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