Future ready homes: New age customer is on the lookout for smart-home network solutions  

Today, home automation is no longer a futuristic fantasy and just confined to the affluent class but a reality that is being associated with mainstream design as well and is slowly becoming a part of everyday life. Home owners from different social strata have begun seriously contemplating the adoption of technology to ensure comfort, convenience and personal security.

Home Automation allows users to create their own living scenarios, to be set according to their own preferences: cinema ambience or an evening with friends, subdued lighting with automatic closing of curtains and adjustment of the thermostat...Imagination is the only limit. The system becomes the home's brain, allowing the user to create various living scenarios by controlling the lighting, the air conditioning, the television, the Hi Fi and all of this by a simple press. Listening to your favourite FM station, downloading music and other files through an IP gateway have never been easier. Add to that the possibility of controlling all these remotely through a WAP enabled mobile or your laptop.

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