IT looks ahead to high growth  

It's been a happy 2010 for the tech industry. It ushered in glimpses of recovery , while the second half of the year brought in growth, hiring and resilience, pumping in a sense of confidence back to the markets which were shattered by the global economic meltdown.

The highlight was the revival and the resilience it showed. IT companies posted good numbers clearly signalling that the risk of a double dip recession emerging and disrupting growth are now behind us. Besides, hiring plans and increments were back on board, demonstrating the feel good in the sector. So while 2010 was characterized by restructuring , consolidation, pragmatic learning and smart budgeting , 2011 will continue to build on that and move ahead, say industry experts. "The outlook for 2011 is positive and promising and innovation would be the key going forward," they said.

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