Drunk CRPF Cop Fired His Colleagues, Shot Dead  

A drunk CRPF constable opened fire from his AK-47 riffle killing one assistant commandant and 6 mates. The incident happened in Seraikela district of Jharkhand. The constable identified as Harpinder Sing, 40, from Punjab.
According to sources Harpinder, incharge of mess, had a little quarrel in mess on quantity food being wasted. For four hours he refused to gunned down and surrender and continued to fire. To stop the number of causalities he finally shot down. Killed persons includes M C Patil, head constable of Maharastra I R Khairnar, head constable from Andhra Pradesh, Jatobhao Sing from Gujrat. He joined the camp after his holidays on 18 June. An officer also said that “In a district like Jharkhand where we’ve to fight with naxalites, force have lots of pressure. And limit of tolerance decreases.” One CRPF man, injured while with his bullet is taken to hospital.
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