Government Steps In To Check Onion Price  

With onion price rocketing and ending up at Rs 85 per kilo on Tuesday, the central Government had to step forward willing for some supportive action against the price rise. On Wednesday as a measure to curb price rise, Centre has said that customs duty on imports of the commodity was brought down to zero to 5 percent.

While talking to reporters, Finance secretary was quoted as saying "The customs duty on onions has been brought down to zero."

In order to check illegal hoarding the authorities have conducted raids in Delhi’s Azadpur and Ghaziabad wholesale markets.

The government had to take such a step as onion prices was soaring high touching the 80 mark. It was found that there was a hike in the onion price after excessive rain perished the crops in Gujarat, Maharashtra, and a few other southern states which are the key producers of onion in the country. But from Rs35 -40 it rose to Rs80 when the marketers made wrong use of the occasion for illegal hoarding, leading to a vast scale of onion deficit in the retail market.

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