CSK vs RCB: IPL Live Streams and Scoring Updates  

RCB 33/3 in 6 overs This one could be over even before it is over Bagalore needs over 10 runs per over and they are currently at just past 5 perThe good news, I should say the only good news, is that Bangalore are actually scoring at a good pace, but running out of wickets and batsmen in the mean time…….
And Agarwal is caught OUT too – now if de Villiers stubs his toe and gets caught from behind, Bangalore will be par for their usual IPL 4 mediocrityRCB 31/3 in 5 overs This first ball bowled Dilshan (who I bragged on incessantly in ICC play) get out – WOWDilshan, not even approaching in IPL 4 his potential – is OUT once again.


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