Running from Holi we Took Rescue in Haridwar.  

Haridwar, about 5 Indian train hours north of New Delhi, is much smaller and slightly calmer than what you see when you chose to arrive in a large Indian city. It is known for its religious and spiritual places – not that I am a very spiritual person, but should you be and ever be in India: go there, dip in the Ganges, listen to chanting in the evening or visit one of the approximately 5 million temples in town.We visited an Internet Cafe. Did I mention everything in Haridwar is much smaller than anything you saw in India before?The owners were great, had their kids running around which makes you instantly feel at home and since India is a smaller place than one might think, we met the young guy running the place and his extended family only one week later at the Haridwar train station on our way back to Delhi.


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