Happy Earth Day!  

With Earth Day being today (& my sister's bday...happy birthday Seeeester!) I got to thinking of what the day meant to me as a kid.All of the "be kind to the Earth" talk of my school days made an impact on how I live today. I still very much care about taking care of our Earth, the animals and being kind to one another. I even ask Mr. Schalk to cut the plastic rings from pop cans just in case they still find their way to the dolphins and fish. He is such a good sport about it. We are entrusted to take care of what God has given us, which includes not just adorable gurgly babies but also this beautiful land and its creatures. There is A LOT more that I could do, but each step counts. I want Cricket to enjoy the beautiful trees, flowers and animals just as much as I did as a kiddo (and still do).
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