Tollywood strike likely to end soon  

A sign of hope appears 13 days after 14,000 film employees working in 24 different crafts, affiliated to the AP Film Industry Employees Federation (APFIEF), struck work, seeking higher wages from producers.After four days of internal discussions with the Telugu Film Producers' Council, office-bearers of APFIEF have reportedly agreed to a wage increase of 32% across the board for all the 24 trades.

Earlier, associations pertaining to only 17 of the 24 trades agreed to the 32% salary increase and the remaining 7 stuck to their stand since Sunday last, seeking nothing less than a 60% increase.The 7 trades, that took longer than the others to be convinced to agree for a 32% increase in wages, are light men, outdoor technicians, production assistants, fighters, costumers, studio workers/carpenters, and women workers involved in housekeeping duties.


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